DTE is an innovation-driven European SME dedicated to the development of high technology equipment and systems for process and quality control in the aluminum industry. We have maximized the synergy between our team of experts and the aluminum sector through close cooperation with end users – global producers of primary aluminum – and strategic collaboration with the research and engineering community. To sustainably grow, we are committed in redefining problems to opportunities and providing creative solutions to our customers by thinking outside the box.

Our project, PEA, is based on the industrialization and commercialization of the next generation of process analytical instrumentation: Capable to perform in-line real time chemical analyses of molten aluminum and cryolite with optimum accuracy and repeatability, PEA allows to precisely adjust the process parameters to their optimal limits. Our plan is to offer our PEA systems to aluminum producers, who are constantly seeking solutions regarding process efficiency, operating costs, worker safety and environmental impact. Our revolutionary technology is set to change the entire industry, as it addresses the current limitations of a process known to be extremely energy intensive.

Our philosophy: safe, reliable and high performance equipment that meets the customer's demand.